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Campus of Tomorrow

The William H. Flanagan Campus Center

The PavilionThe William H. Flanagan Campus Center at Beatty Hall is a touchstone in so many ways for the Wentworth community. As one of the most public buildings on campus, it is a facility integral to the daily lives of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

The Campus Center will serve as the hub of student life, providing an exciting, student-focused environment through innovative programming and state-of-the-art spaces for activities, clubs, and organizations. It will include a fitness center, radio station, recreation center, meditation room, and bookstore. A 7,000 square-foot addition will accommodate the expansion and renovation of the dining commons, function room, kitchen and servery, as well as create outdoor green space.

The Pavilion, a new student lounge situated at the ground level entrance, provides great energy to the space and is also visible from the quad through the new glass curtain wall.

The Center for Sciences and Biomedical Engineering

The ForumThe transformation of the Ira Allen building will enhance our pedagogy for the instruction of sciences and engineering by creating eleven new dynamic teaching laboratories. To support the learning environment, the spaces outside of the laboratories are designed as day-lit collaborative study lounges.

The large open space between the renovation and new construction will become the Forum, a space for sharing ideas, informal gatherings, and a true center for sciences and biomedical engineering. The Forum will be surrounded by balconies on all sides, looking through a brick facade from the original building on one side and into the laboratory portals on the other side. The building will provide office space for 36 faculty.

The architectural exterior will create a new campus image to the residential neighbors and form a shared plaza with the adjacent design studios. The 40,000-square-foot project will further enhance teaching and learning.