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Grants Policy, Procedure & Forms

It is the policy of Wentworth Institute of Technology to actively support and encourage project development and increase external funding streams to support quality educational and program needs that advance the our mission, goals and Strategic Plan. The Institute’s Sponsored Programs Committee is charged with the duties of providing leadership to broaden the financial base and create critical need programs through expansion of grants and contracts from federal, state and local government, corporate, and private foundation funding sources.

The Offices of Institutional Research (IR) and Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) are specifically designated to implement this policy and facilitate the process of grant development and administration. All departments are encouraged to participate in grant or contract proposals, in coordination with these offices, to develop projects that are within the scope and mission of the department and the college, and that support Wentworth’s Strategic Plan objectives for external support initiatives.

The Institute's Grants Policy is Supported by: 

Grant Development Procedure

The Wentworth Grant Development Procedure is designed to promote communication and cooperation among all parties involved in grant project development, ensure funding requests correspond with Institute goals and priorities, and ensure the Institute’s accountability and compliance in Federal, State and private grant funding.

The IR and CFR Offices serve as the coordinating entities for externally funded grant projects, and initiating, facilitating, and expediting processes and activities to obtain external funding to further the Institute’s mission, strategic directions and priorities. These offices provide leadership and support to faculty and staff in seeking grants through the identification of funding resources, development of project concepts, writing of grant proposals, directing processes for administrative review, and submitting grant applications for funding. The IR Office should be the first point of contact for all grant projects originating from faculty and staff.

All grant applicants are reminded that the process of grant-seeking can vary widely according to the nature of your project and the potential funder.

  • Always consult the IR Office for guidance and support specific to your project; as early as possible.
  • Always obtain authorization from your department head, the IR or CFR offices, and Finance prior to beginning work on a grant proposal. (Preliminary Grant Development Authorization Form)
  • Always prepare and submit your final proposal materials for internal review and authorization to transmit to IR or CFR Offices, your home Division Head, and the Vice President of Finance according to the internal deadline that has been established for your project upon Preliminary Authorization. (Grant Proposal Transmission Authorization Form)

Grant Acceptance & Implementation Procedure

  • When the Institute receives a notice of award, the President and Vice President of Finance are notified for formal acceptance of the award. The award letter will be forwarded to Finance and IR/CFR for the establishment of the grant accounting file and systems.
  • The Project Director/PI will be responsible for the grant program implementation and maintaining the grant files and systems. Technical assistance, operational support, and oversight will be provided by Finance and IR/CFR. 
  • The Project Director/PI shall be responsible for following all regulations pertaining to the grant project. Finance and IR/CFR will assist the Project Director in this process, and the procedures for purchasing, and reporting. 

Derivation of Authority

The authority to bind the Institute to the terms and conditions of an agreement has been delegated to WIT’s President and/or Vice President of Finance. Any employee who applies for a grant or enters into a grant contract on behalf of the Institute must have prior approval of the President and/or Vice President of Finance. College facilities and resources shall not be used in support of an unauthorized grant or contract.

Supporting Forms

  • Grant Support Services Request Form
  • (Draft) Preliminary Grant Development Authorization Form
  • (Draft) Grant Proposal Development Worksheet
  • (Draft) Grant Proposal Transmission Authorization Form

Grant Support Services and Resources

The Sponsored Programs Office provides a wide-range of direct Grant Support Services to assist faculty, staff, and administration efforts to pursue and secure grant funding. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • concept development
  • identifying funding opportunities
  • assessing fit, and feasibility of specific funders/funding opportunities 
  • funded projects and programs analysis (trends, recent/current, or comparative)
  • literature, best practices & innovations, and program design research
  • internal/external data queries 
  • drafting/production of proposal/application materials (proposal narrative, budget, supporting documents)
  • technical review and edit of proposal/application materials (proposal narrative, budget, supporting documents)
  • proposal development planning and management 
  • post-award planning, implementation management/advising
  • reporting and compliance advising/coordination
  • funder/reviewer feedback & next steps assessment (declined proposals)

Useful Grants Resources

Funding News & Updates

  • Funding Opportunities Update - January 2012 

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