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Jan 11, 2013

Coerte Voorhees wins First Place

OWP Design Contest – the results

OWP held their first ever design contest in 2012. At the beginning of October the winners were chosen from the many entries which came from 27 countries.

The eminent jury members included renowned designer Nils Holger Moormann and Stefan Dongus, publisher of Eyewear Magazine. Choosing the winners was by no means an easy task, as all entries were noteworthy. First place went to the “Ball-in-Socket Hinge“ concept by Coerte Voorhees from the USA. The glasses are characterized by a sporty aesthetic and new hinge design with a ball in socket hinge  which enables them to be light and secure. The frame can withstand the impact of a ball and can also be easily taken apart and put back together. The winner can look forward to a cash prize of 2,000 euros or an internship in the design department of OWP. The second prize of 1,000 euros went to Zohar Azuz from Israel with his “Bling“ concept. The designer views glasses as masks which express the personality of the individual and as a form of self identification without words. They emphasize the person wearing them whilst, at the same time, offering protection. Third place of 500 euros went to the “One” concept by Le NTP from the Netherlands. This offered a more sustainable alternative to standard plastics as the main material namely natural fibre reinforced plastics (NFK), a material which is already being used in the automobile industry and other areas. OWP congratulates all the winners.

The winning designs will be exhibited at the OWP stand at the Opti trade show in Munich. 

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