Core 77 Magazine interviews Dave Fustino, BIND '11, about his great designs for an LED desk lamp. [...]

Industrial Design is a creative profession engaged in developing new products and ideas for people. It involves the integration of art, technology, and business in order to translate people’s needs, desires, and aspirations into tangible highly refined solutions. To develop new ideas, designers employ a creative methodology called “Design Thinking.” Design thinking is not magic. It is a powerful conceptual strategy that enables people to develop innovative products and services for a wide variety of industries—from digital devices to healthcare.

The minor in Industrial Design (Product Design) introduces students to the creative processes and techniques designers use to develop and communicate innovative ideas. Course work would include studio/project-based classes that immerse students in the creative culture of design and augment the course work in their major.

To complete the minor, students must complete all three core courses and a safety workshop, and at least six credits of elective coursework. In addition to the listed electives, all classes in the Industrial Design curriculum are available as electives per approval by the department chair.

Core Courses

DSGN100 - Drawing and Thinking for Product Development (3 Credits)

INDS - Industrial Design Studio (4 Credits)

INDS317 - Human Factors in Design (4 Credits)

Elective Courses

DSGN122 - Design Magic (2 Credits)

HISTXXX - Design History (4 Credits)

INDS433 - Information Architecture 2 (3 Credits)

INDS610 - Business in Design (3 Credits)


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