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Minor in Media and Communications Studies (MCS)

This minor is aimed at providing a focus for students who, while completing their Humanities and Social Sciences electives, are interested in exploring the role of the digital technologies in the study of contemporary culture. 

MCS Learning Outcomes and Objectives:

  • Project-based experiential learning
  • Facility with interactive digital learning tools and media
  • Familiarity with current and emerging technologies in media and culture
  • Media literacy from written, production, and analytical perspectives
  • Close reading and textual analysis
  • Presentation skills
  • Critical thinking and persuasive writing

Minor Requirements 

To earn the Minor in Media, Culture, and Communications Studies, students must select from the following courses, as listed below, earning a grade of "C" or better.

2 Core Media and Communications Studies Courses:

  • HUMN4051 - Media and Communications Studies
  • HUMN4053 - MCS Studio

Core Total Credits: 8

Choose 3 Humanities/Social Science Elective courses. 

Below is a sample list of MCS courses offered:

  • COMM4102 - Introduction to Mass Communications
  • COMM4112 - Social Perspectives of Journalism
  • COMM4122 - Oral Communication
  • COMM4262 - Public Relations Writing
  • COMMxxxx - Media Ethics
  • COMMxxxx - Video Production
  • COMMxxxx - Intro to Radio Broadcasting
  • HUMN4373 - Shakespeare on Film
  • HUMN4345 - History of American Folk Music
  • HUMN4235 - Technical Theater
  • HUMN4241 - Graphic Novel to Film
  • HUMN4221 - American Cinema & Culture
  • HUMN4225 - Television Studies
  • HUMN4243 - Contemporary Art & Theory
  • HUMN4275 - Myth America: From Colonies to Culture Wars
  • HUMN4231 - Film and Literature: Art of Adaptation
  • LITR4601 - Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • SOCL4212 - Art & Technology
  • Plus Special Topics courses in Humanities and Social Science (for example HIST3800, LITR3800 or SOCL3800) subjects

Please note that the above MCS elective list is not inclusive.  Additional selections will be added as new courses are developed in the MCS program.  Available MCS course electives will be noted at registration.  Please check the semester schedule of courses for MCS courses being offered.

Depending upon courses selected for the minor, student will still be required to complete the Social Science/Humanities distribution requirement.

Elective Total Credits: 12

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