English Course Placement Process

During the first few semesters on campus, all Wentworth Day students must complete an English sequence as a component of their degree requirements. Prior to the start of the each semester, all incoming students will be placed into the appropriate English course based on the required writing sample, completed during on-campus sessions.  

Writing Sample Exemptions

Exemptions to the required writing sample are made for students who submit SAT scores in both writing and verbal at 460 or above each; OR AP English Language and Composition Exam scores of 3 or higher.  Students with the prerequisite SAT scores will be placed automatically into English I for fall. Those with an AP English Language and Composition Exam score of 3 or higher have the option of placement directly into English II. Students who have scored below 460 on either the writing, the verbal, or both sections of the SAT, as well as students whose SAT scores are not submitted, will complete a required writing sample on campus during orientation in order to determine the best writing course placement.

International students will take the English Placement Exam on campus during opening week at the end of August. You are NOT required to take the exam over the summer. If you have questions regarding international student orientation, please contact Emily Smedick by email at smedicke@wit.edu or by phone at 617-989-4006.

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