English Placement Exam

English Placement Exam is required for all new Day first-year students and transfer students who have not received advanced standing credit for English I (Composition). All new Day first-year students, and transfers who have not received advanced standing credit for English, must complete one of the following English sequences in order to take any Humanities and/or Social Science elective.

The purpose of this test is to assist the English faculty in placing you in an English class which will best meet your needs and insure your success here at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Students who do exceptionally well will be given the opportunity to participate in a special English Honors program, and Honors placement will be reflected on their transcripts. 

It is important that the work on this test is your own and that you are properly placed into the English course that best meets yours needs.  If you are not properly placed into the appropriate English course, you may find the work too overwhelming or difficult.  As you know, failing English will affect your course sequence as your academic progress.

This is an online exam and does not require registration nor for students to visit the campus. To ensure a smooth English registration, the placement exam must be completed by the deadline. You will NOT be able to register for your English course if the exam is not completed.

You will have one hour (60 minutes) to plan and to write an essay on one of three given topics. A PDF file reader is required to view the topics. Please download this software before you access the exam. Your essay will be more successful if you choose a topic with which you feel comfortable. Write as clearly and directly as you can. You should start only if you plan to give yourself one hour of uninterrupted time. Please note that the copy and paste features are disabled in the online exam.  You will need to type your response directly in the provided writing box.

Follow the link below to start the English Placement Exam. Be sure to use the latest version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.


Questions regarding the English Placement Exam can be directed to epe@wit.edu.

International students will take the English Placement Exam on campus during opening week at the end of August. You are NOT required to take the exam over the summer. If you have questions regarding international student orientation, please contact Tina McDonald by email at mcdonaldt1@wit.edu or by phone at 617-989-4006.

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