Frequently Asked Questions

I have transfer/AP credit for English. Do I need to take the EPE?
You will be exempt from taking the exam if you have confirmed transfer credit for English I or a confirmed score of 3 or above on the AP English exam.  If you are unsure of your English transfer credit status or AP score, then you must take the exam. Please be sure that Wentworth has your final transcripts indicating a grade of "C" or better and/or an official score report from Princeton.  Please note that WIT does not accept IB credit.
I just got a letter saying I need to take my English placement exam. I already took it! Do I have to take it again?
No. If you completed the exam without error and printed out the summary of your answers, you are all set.
I just took my English placement exam. Can you check and see if you got it?
Because of the volume of tests being submitted we cannot answer individual inquiries, but if you completed the test without problems and printed out your confirmation page, there is no reason to check with us.
I am an International student and I can't access the exam?
International students will take the English Placement Exam on campus during opening week at the end of August. You are NOT required to take the exam over the summer. If you have questions regarding international student orientation, please contact Ryan Hinchey by email at or by phone at 617-989-4030.
I took the exam, but why is it listed as "Incomplete" on the New Student Checklist?

The New Student Checklist will update accordingly after your exam is reviewed by an English professor.  Once is it reviewed, not only will the checklist update, but an email will be sent to your Wentworth email address informing you of the English course you are required to register for the fall semester.

I took the EPE, but I haven't received my placement results.

Emails have been sent to students notifying them of their English placement.  If you did not receive this email, you can locate your results by logging onto LConnect. Under "Student Information", click on "View Test Scores".  The EPE will appear as "WIT English Placement Exam" and the last 3 digits of the score indicates the English course you have been placed into. For example, "0090" indicates a placement result of ENGL090; "0100" indicates a placement result of ENGL100 and so forth.

Click here for a complete list of Wentworth's English sequences.

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