Writing Proficiency Assessment Exam a.k.a. SWAT

Wentworth believes that one of the cornerstones of professional success for its graduates is the ability to communicate effectively in writing. Therefore, the Institute has developed a program to assess its students’ writing ability and provide a means to improve for those who have not mastered these skills.

All Wentworth day students must register for the Writing Proficiency Assessment Exam (ENGL350). The Writing Proficiency Assessment Exam will be given toward the end of the second semester of the sophomore year to ALL sophomores (including transfers) who have completed their English sequence. In addition, any transfer student entering Wentworth as a junior and taking English at Wentworth must take the assessment exam.

Students who fail to pass the Writing Proficiency Assessment Exam at the end of their sophomore year must complete the required remediation. They will receive notification of this before the fall semester.

The Writing Proficiency Assessment Exam will be re-administered at the end of each semester to all students who have not passed the examination previously. A student may take the Writing Proficiency Assessment Exam as many times as is necessary to pass, but may only take it once each semester. Each time a student fails to pass the exam, he/she must complete a plan to improve proficiency in writing before being permitted to take the exam again. Students are encouraged to work with their advisors to ensure their success. Student performance on the Writing Proficiency Assessment Exam will be recorded as a grade of “S” or “U” on the Wentworth transcript. Students must take and pass the Exam to graduate.

This policy is not applicable for The College of Professional and Continuing Education.

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