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The Haiti Project

Train the Trainer

The training will be provided by full time and part time Wentworth faculty, Wentworth alumni/ae and industry professionals, all of whom have volunteered their time for this program. Building upon Wentworth’s experiential learning mission, faculty and staff at Wentworth have developed this program to train Haitians to help themselves. All other expenses - airfares, tuition, room and board will be covered by Wentworth community.


Criteria for Selecting Prospective Participants:


This program will entail a two-week training offered through Wentworth Institute of Technology. It will consist of a total of 80 hours of instruction on project management or construction management. Most expenses for the program will be covered. There is no fees for the training – training will be provided by faculty of Wentworth Institute of Technology, alums, and corporate sponsors. In addition, room and board will be provided by Wentworth Institute of Technology. All trainees will receive a certificate upon completion of the program. Finally, continued online training/support will be available to all trainees.
Both programs will be offered the first week of June, 2010. The programs are a contribution of the Wentworth Community to the people of Haiti. Your role in this process is a very important one; and I am confident that you will serve this committee well.