Composition of Committee

Constituency Representation No. of positions How selected Length of term Term limits Name(s) (end of term)
Graduate programs 1 representative from each program approved by the Institute Board of Trustees (currently, M.Arch., MSCM, MSFM, MSTM, MSCE).  Normally, the representative is a faculty member.  Under exceptional circumstances, with approval of the appropriate dean(s), the program chair/director may be designated as the representative. 5 Initially appointed by the appropriate dean(s); subsequently, elected by program faculty 3 years (staggered terms) No more than two consecutive terms Carol Burns (M.Arch) (2015) Monica Snow (MSCM) (2016) Nakisa Alborz (M.Eng in CE) (2017) Andrew Michael (MSFM) (2017) Cindy Stevens (MSTM) (2017)
Institute faculty 1 faculty member from each college (Arts & Sciences; Architecture, Design & Construction Management; Engineering & Technology) 3 Appointed by dean 2 years (staggered terms) No more than two consecutive terms Jon Ripley (A&S) (2015) Mark Klopfer (AD&CM) (2016) Ilie Talpasanu (E&T) (2016)
Graduate students 1 from a Day program; 1 from a non-Day program (evening/weekend/online) 2 Nominated by program chairs/directors; appointed by Provost 1 year No more than two consecutive terms Olivia Hegner (Day) (2015) Evdokia Mandalou (Non-Day) (2015)
Alumni Library 1  representative 1 Appointed by Library Director Indefinite No limit Kevin Kidd
Provost’s Office Associate provost 1 Ex officio Indefinite No limit Chuck Hotchkiss (acting)
CPCE Dean, College of Professional & Cont. Ed. 1 Ex officio Indefinite No limit Deborah Wright
Total 13

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