Composition of Committee

Constituency Representation No. of positions How selected Length of term Term limits Name(s) (end of term)
Graduate programs 1 representative from each program approved by the Institute Board of Trustees (currently, M.Arch., MSCM, MSFM, MSCE).  Normally, the representative is a faculty member.  Under exceptional circumstances, with approval of the appropriate dean(s), the program chair/director may be designated as the representative. 4 Initially appointed by the appropriate dean(s); subsequently, elected by program faculty 3 years (staggered terms) No more than two consecutive terms Mark Hasso (MSCM) (2013) Mike Dunlop (MSFM) (2014) Jack Duggan (MSCE) (2014) Carol Burns (M. Arch.) (2015)
Institute faculty 1 faculty member from each college (Arts & Sciences; Architecture, Design & Construction Management; Engineering & Technology) 3 Appointed by dean 2 years (staggered terms) No more than two consecutive terms Mark Klopfer (AD&CM) (2013) Jon Ripley (A&S) (2013) Ilie Talpasanu (E&T) (2014)
Graduate students 1 from a Day program; 1 from a non-Day program (evening/weekend/online) 2 Nominated by program chairs/directors; appointed by Provost 1 year No more than two consecutive terms Katherine Bujalski (Day) (2013) James Tranghese (Non-Day) (2013)
Alumni Library 1  representative 1 Appointed by Library Director Indefinite No limit Walter Punch
Provost’s Office Associate provost 1 Ex officio Indefinite No limit Chuck Hotchkiss
CPCE Dean, College of Professional & Cont. Ed. 1 Ex officio Indefinite No limit Larry Carr
Total 12

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