June 10, 2014

Off the Green Line: Symphony

The Community Garden in Symphony

Wentworth’s urban location offers a plethora of opportunities for students. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Green Line, located right in front of campus, gives students access to a wide range of destinations around the city. The “Off the Green Line” series maps out some of the traditional, as well as some of the unconventional, places to see around Boston.


Cappy’s Pizzeria, 82 Westland Ave. 

Cappy’s recently added frozen yogurt to the menu to accompany its larger-than-your-face slices of pizza. The employees are friendly and full of energy, and know their frequent customers by name. Even if you’re not a regular, they’ll still dish out a warm hello and strike up a conversation. Cappy’s is also well-equipped at accommodating college students, as the location is prone to hectic late-night crowds.

Symphony Community Garden, Corner of Symphony Rd. and Hemenway St. 

This peaceful urban garden flourishes in the summertime. Kept up by local residents, the area serves a go-to sunbathing spot for students who live in the area. Complete with various benches and fountains, it’s quaint and relaxing, and a nice spot to sit a while or to stroll through on your way through the neighborhood.

Bodega, 6 Clearway St. 

By definition, a small grocery store. In actuality, a small grocery store. At least seemingly so. Bodega runs a highly successful business, but doesn’t generate a profit off of candy bars and cleaning supplies.

It makes its money from an eclectic, creative selection of designer sneakers. How do you fit a shoe collection in a convenient store? In a hidden room behind a Snapple machine, naturally. Triggered by stepping on a broken tile near the back of the storefront, the vending machine slides over, revealing a sleek room with hardwood floors and high ceilings decorated with chandeliers. 

Aside from footwear, Bodega also sells apparel, bags, and accessories. 

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Brigham Circle

Hynes Convention Center


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