February 01, 2013

Modern Family

Cousins Eric, Justin, Kevin, and Kerri Estano

On a cold winter day, four students sat together at a table in a sea of red chairs inside Beatty Hall’s cafeteria catching up about one another’s experiences at Wentworth. At first glance, they appeared to be friends meeting for lunch. But a closer look revealed that this was actually a family gathering. 

Right now at Wentworth there are four cousins—three men and one woman—sharing the same last name: Estano. There’s Justin and Eric Estano, brothers from Plymouth, and Kerri and Kevin Estano, siblings from Norton. 

It may be a curiosity to outsiders that so many members from the same family are attending college together, but, for the Estanos, it’s a fortunate coincidence.

Mechanical engineering technology major Justin Estano (’15), ended up at Wentworth after his older brother, Joe, also a mechanical engineering technology major, attended and graduated in 2003.    

“I noticed growing up he always had a good job,” Justin said. “I figured Wentworth would be the best school to go to.”

Justin’s brother, Eric, a computer networking major (’15), simultaneously decided to go to Wentworth, but majored in computer networking instead. 

“We happened to be looking at schools at the same time,” said Eric, who visited Wentworth with his brother and then met separately with the computer networking department.

“It had more of the hands-on stuff that I was looking for.”

Regardless of how they all ended up at Wentworth, the Estanos now feel like they have brought a piece of home with them to college.     

“It’s nice to be able to have that convenience of having a little bit of family here,” said Kevin Estano, pursuing his master’s degree in architecture (’13).

Sister Kerri Estano, an interior design major (’16), finds comfort being in close proximity to her brother and cousins.

“It’s definitely good to know familiar faces as a freshman,” she said.

Since they don’t have frequent family get-togethers outside of school, the cousins said, Wentworth has helped the Estanos strengthen their bond by providing them with more opportunities to meet up.

“It is almost like we have gotten to know each other a little bit more through school,” Kevin said. 

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