December 10, 2012

Take a Seat

Christina Zink talks to visitors about the swing design

Junior industrial design students exhibit outdoor seating design projects in Watson Auditorium

Students, faculty, and the campus community headed to Watson Auditorium this week to test out hanging benches and swivel seats during the opening reception of “Outdoor Seating”—the culminating display of this year’s junior Industrial Design studio projects course.

“We had a lot of fun with it,” said Sean Martinelli, who designed three ergonomic chairs, including one that leaned back far enough to nap in, while withstanding all types of weather. “We picked a good design direction, which I think I’ll probably keep working on for the rest of my life.”

They weren’t the only students designing for relaxation. Christina Zink and Spencer Kilgore built and installed a hanging bench for visitors to try. “We figured a swing would be calming and let students take a break from work to relax,” Zink said.

For two other students, Patrick Thompson and Sam Grande, the priority was collaboration between students on campus from different majors. So they designed a multi-layered deck and patio space to offer a possible solution. “We wanted to create an environment on campus that could help bring people from different majors together,” Thompson said. "Then they could meet each other and collaborate."

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