May 07, 2012

Graduate Feature: William Groleau

Electromechanical Engineering

What did you enjoy most about your program?
The part I enjoyed most about the program was the class and lab size. I feel it would have been easier to get lost in certain classes if they were in a large lecture hall as opposed to the smaller scaled lectures that allowed for interaction with professors. Also, laboratories not only enhanced what was theorized in lecture, but they also provided additional interaction with classmates. Forming friendships is easier and the enhanced network of individuals helps when certain topics aren’t as clear as they need to be for completing out of classroom assignments. 

What did you like best about co-op?
I worked as an engineering intern with TURBOCAM International in Dover, New Hampshire. There I worked in the unconventional machining department, mainly with Electrochemical Machining (ECM). Co-op was really helpful for better understanding what I could potentially do after leaving Wentworth. This experience was eye-opening, I quickly realized that my degree allowed for a broad spectrum of career opportunities. It also showed me that although I may not have enjoyed a course in college, the real world application of it can be very interesting. This was true for my co-op because I always disliked chemistry class, but I actually enjoyed going to work every day, and couldn’t wait to continue working on certain projects.

What’s your reaction to graduating from college?
After five years I’m ready for a change from the classroom setting and am excited to join the real world. I want to put my efforts towards something that will benefit a larger scale. Hopefully my career involves working with a company that develops and delivers products and services that enhance the quality of life and/or are geared toward environmental sustainability. This would instill a sense of pride in my work, and I believe if given the opportunity I would make a difference.

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