August 01, 2011

Summer Commencement 2011: Graduate Profiles

  • Headshot of MonahyMonahy Almotary
    "Being a graduate of this program, to me, means that I am on the right track. Graduating from this program is a long-lived dream that I had which is to become a specialist in my field one day." //read more
  • Headshot of AllisonAllison Reid
    "Through studying at Wentworth, I have effectively learned how to handle high stress situations and work efficiently under pressure. However, my ability to succeed professionally will only be enjoyable if I maintain the proper balance between work and play and if I have the right people in my life to share it all with." //read more
  • Headshot of AnthonyAnthony Berntsen
    "The most important thing I learned at Wentworth is what I am truly passionate for. The exposure to various topics related to my major allowed me to discover my passion for programming." //read more
  • Headshot of PaulPaul Britton
    "My biggest takeaway from Wentworth is that the engineering field must be further explored on the graduate level. Wentworth taught me that engineering is more than just applying the thoughts proposed by others; it is thinking on your own and making the best decision that suits the problem." //read more
  • Headshot of MarieMarie Powers
    "I really enjoyed how everything we did had a real-world basis to it. Everything I learned was practical and a stepping stone to a great career." //read more
  • Headshot of FrankFrank Fodera
    "The greatest skill that I learned was the ability to effectively problem solve. Wentworth’s program in computer science is highly based on the ability to analyze problems and logically solve them in the most efficient way possible." //read more
  • Headshot of CayleeCaylee Johanson
    "In class, it was always fun to make the professors laugh and bond with them. It was a good feeling when they started to treat you as a colleague instead of a student." //read more
  • Headshot of KelseyKelsey Holt
    "I enjoyed the interaction with many different groups of people through my involvement in clubs, leadership programs, alternative spring break, and being a peer tutor. Each allowed me many opportunities and the privilege to work with people outside my major." //read more
  • Headshot of RonRon Jean
    "I enjoyed the small classroom sizes and that a lot of the professors at Wentworth have great industry experience in their fields." //read more
  • Headshot of AngelaAngelo Ngo
    "Architecture is an amazing major because the end result is never the same. Each student creates a completely unique design, and I love seeing how everybody interprets each project. It’s never boring and always inspiring." //read more
  • Headshot of BridgetBridget Souza
    "Outside of the classroom, my most memorable experience was this past semester when the senior civil students got together to play a softball game. Almost everyone made it to the game, and we all had a great time." //read more
  • Headshot of AdamAdam Underwood
    "Wentworth has given me the opportunity to learn and develop all of the technical skills needed to perform at a very high level, but the most important thing that I will take away is a thorough understanding of how to practically apply these skills by continuously developing unique solutions to real-world problems." //read more

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