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January 05, 2010

Co-op Experience: Audrey Emerson

As an intern with the Facilities Management and Planning Office at Bridgewater State College, Emerson created floor plans, participated in project meetings with her supervisors and architects, attended department meetings, worked on specifications, and visited project sites.
August 10, 2010

Co-op Experience: Eric Danforth

"I can't express how fortunate I have been. As a third year architecture student, going to a foreign country and being the project manager for a major renovation of a building is a bit overwhelming, but an unbelievable opportunity."


February 16, 2010

Co-op Experience: Christopher Crosby

For Chris Crosby, BFPM ’10, co-op has provided him with the opportunity to find the right fit by experimenting with two variations of facilities management; supervision and construction management, and corporate facilities management.


March 26, 2010

Co-op Experience: Charlie Carnevale

“My co-op position has impacted me in various ways but the one that stands on the most is the confidence it has given me as a female in computer science. Once I began working I proved I was just as qualified as the rest of my classmates and that I can make it in a male-dominated industry.”


June 21, 2010

Bethany Oxford, Construction Management (BCMT) ’11

When Bethany Oxford, BCMT ’11, leaves for the worksite every morning at 5:30 a.m. she does not feel like a student fulfilling a requirement, she feels like a valued employee. After two co-ops at Gilbane Building Company, Oxford has gained the respect of her colleagues and the assurance that she has chosen the right career path.


July 06, 2010

Co-op Experience: Josh Myslik

July 06, 2010

Interior Design Student Receives ‘Award of Excellence’ in National Competition

Stephen Flibotte Receives an ‘Award of Excellence’ from the American Society of Interior Designers.
July 14, 2010

Co-op Experience: Seth Gray

Mechanical engineering student Seth Gray talks about his co-op experience at Space Exploration Technologies.
July 30, 2010

Alyssa Tsoutsouras - Interior Design Student

Alyssa Tsoutsouras, Interior Design '11, has been awarded an interior design scholarship in the amount of $30,000 through the Angelo Donghia Foundation as the result of her submission in a nationwide design competition


August 12, 2010

Going Deep: Pioneering Deep-sea Research Helmed by Wentworth Alumni

Sean Kelley, BEET ’04, is the youngest person ever to pilot Alvin, the U.S. Navy–owned Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) famous for surveying the wreck of RMS Titanic in 1986.
August 23, 2010

Commencement Student Profiles - Summer 2010

August 24, 2010

Co-op Experience: Meghan Puente

Mechanical Engineering Technology student Meghan Puente shares her co-op experience


September 03, 2010

Student Move-in 2010

Freshman Move-in Day is traditionally hot, and the humidity was palpable as students and parents trudged to the residence halls on both sides of Huntington Avenue, dorm supplies in tow
September 13, 2010

Toy Stories at Wentworth

Students Reveal the Inner Workings of the Toy Industry


October 18, 2010

Student Profile: Dave Fustino, Industrial Design

Dave Fustino can make a tea kettle sexy and turn a sprinkler into an engrossing, interactive children’s toy.


November 04, 2010

Staying Involved on Campus - Civil Engineering Technology Student Starts Sign Language Club

Bryan Webb, BCET ’13, founded the first-ever sign language club on campus, risen to director of Wentworth’s Mission Hill After-School Program, and is actively working with the Change for Chirimoto program.


December 01, 2010

SHIFTING GEARS: Brian Piper, BIND ’09, and the bike for the new American city

SHIFTING GEARS: Brian Piper, BIND ’09, and the bike for the new American city
December 11, 2010

Interior design student wins competition with volcano-inspired nightclub

Interior design student wins competition with volcano-inspired nightclub
December 16, 2010

Women's Rugby: Building a Stronger Program

After seven years and two trips to national competitions, the women’s rugby club team continues to boost level of play.
December 17, 2010

Wentworth Student Government (WSG) President Improves Communications

WSG President Joe Kobrianos, BELM ’12, reinvents role from behind-the-scenes to a hands-on leader.
December 21, 2010

IFMA World Workplace Scholarship Winner

Senior Facilities Planning and Management student Allison Reid received the 2010 IFMA Foundation Scholarship at World Workplace.

Co-op Student Profiles

Kristen Lundebjerg

Kristen Lundebjerg

Mechanical Engineering 2017
Co-op employer: NASA

Townes Gibson

Townes Gibson

Industrial Design 2016
Co-op employer: LovePop

Erica Amato

Erica Amato

Mechanical Engineering 2017
Co-op employer: Raytheon

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