December 17, 2010

Wentworth Student Government (WSG) President Improves Communications

Student Government President Joe Kobrianos

"The first goal was to boost recruiting and membership, which has already happened."

After a long day of directing “Move-in Day” traffic this September, Wentworth Student Government (WSG) President Joe Kobrianos, BELM ’12, addressed a crowd of 600 incoming freshman in Watson Auditorium with a hoarse voice. “This is your first day at Wentworth. What do you want to know?” The question served as a catalyst, effectively opening the communication between WSG and the student body.

The conversations are a big part of Kobrianos’ reinvention of the student body president’s role from behind-the-scenes to a hands-on leader. “We’re trying to make the welcome speech a requirement and new tradition for the WSG president, because we received such great feedback from the students,” says Kobrianos, who has four years of experience in the WSG, holding positions as vice president and academic affairs officer. Through meetings with Wentworth’s president, Dr. Zorica Pantić, Kobrianos shares valuable information about the work of WSG, student concerns, and campus affairs.

In addition to facilitating an environment of open communication, Kobrianos was responsible for extending the library and print lab hours by an extra hour. Under his leadership, the WSG has grown from 20 members to 35 members, fulfilling one of three goals Kobrianos has set out for the club. “The first goal was to boost recruiting and membership, which has already happened,” he explains. “The second is to get WSG involved in the financial decision-making process for on-campus clubs. And the third is to somehow give student leaders more recognition. They do so much and they should be recognized.”

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