August 23, 2010

Commencement Student Profiles - Summer 2010

  •  Anthony Guihan
    Electronic Engineering Technology
  •  Michelle Fauci
  •  Douglas Labun
    Electronic Engineering Technology
  •  Matt Massery
    Computer Science
  •  Eamonn Murphy
    Associate in Construction Project Management
    The Arioch Center @ Wentworth
  •  Ye Lynn Ngwe
    Computer Engineering Technology
  •  Peter Oggeri
    Construction Management
  •  Taliah Rashada
    Construction Management
  •  Danielle Banks
    Facilities Management (BFPM) ’10
    Co-op Employer:
    Radisson Hotels & Resorts
    Position: Assistant to Chief Engineer
  •  Charlie Carnevale
    Computer Science (BCOS) ’10
    Co-op Employer:
    General Dynamics
    Position: Software Engineering Intern
  •  Christopher Crosby
    Facilities Planning and Management (BFPM) ’10
    Co-op Employer: Pearson
    Position: Senior Facilities Assistant
  •  David Dumenigo
    Civil Engineering Technology (BCET) ’10 
    Co-op Employer:
    St. Bernard’s Project
    Position:Long Term Volunteer
  •  Audrey Emerson
    Interior Design (BINT) ’10
    Co-op Employer:
    Bridgewater State College
    Position: Facilities Management and Planning Intern
  •  Libbi Lingley
    Industrial Design (BIND) '10
    Co-op Employer:
    Mass Appeal Entertainment
    Position: Graphic Designer
  •  Christine Vu
    Architecture (BSA) ’10
    Co-op Employer:
    Disneyland Resort
    Position: Architectural Intern

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