FM Students Attend IFMA's World Workplace San Antonio 2012

“The best part of the trip was the networking. I got to make many new connections with people not only in the Boston Chapter, but also from all over the country.”

“It let me see that all the things that we learned in school were things that were being implemented in the real world.” 

“… it shows the students what the profession is truly about.”

-       Justin Roberts

“To say that it was a great experience is an extreme understatement.” 

“There were also several people that we all met that offered us jobs after graduation. This was only after talking to them for around five minutes so that just shows you what this Facilities Management program provides.

I hope that all of you will consider joining SAFM and IFMA so that you can have the opportunity to experience this great adventure.”

-       Kristen Benjamin

“What was the most impressive to me were the educational sessions.  As a student, it was reassuring to hear in these educational sessions information that we are being taught in school! 

It was a great opportunity to hear different perspectives on the field of FM.”

-       Jason Wednesday Miller

“Though it is a conference and expo, one of the primary purposes of World Workplace is to establish new connections, and build on existing ones.  Constantly growing your network is key to finding new opportunities for careers and business. 

Experiencing the culture in a place other than New England or wherever one is from is something everyone should experience.  This is a unique characteristic that World Workplace offers.  Being in another environment dissimilar from your own opens up a plethora of opportunities, and not just business ones.” 

-       David Colarusso

“We went there with intentions of broadening our horizon and mingling with professionals in facilities management (FM) from all over the world.

We asked to join them and they happily welcomed us into their circle.”

- Ashley Alberts and Ashley Bell

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