Wentworth Facility Planning & Management students Wentworth Facility Planning & Management students Wentworth Facility Planning & Management students

Why Major in Facility Planning and Management?

With the demands of an ever-changing world of property management, Wentworth’s facility planning and management graduates outshine the competition. The Facility Planning & Management program at Wentworth helps students develop management skills with a working knowledge of facility and property management in the only undergraduate program of its kind in the Northeast. Students can become facility managers who integrate principles of architecture, interior design, engineering, business, and the behavioral sciences to implement short- and long-term planning that coordinates the physical workplace with the people and the work produced by an organization. Topics students will study include strategic planning, energy management, corporate real estate, facility assessment, and space planning.

Our acclaimed co-op program combined with an on-campus environment of team learning and classrooms that merge the practical with the academic are key to our graduates’ success and superb reputation in the facility management world. Graduates can choose from a range of opportunities with corporations, institutions, government agencies, and facility management firms.

Featured Student 

Since sophomore year, Fiona Imami has been highly involved with the Student Association of Facility Managers, both at the student level and through networking with the professional association, International Association of Facility Managers. Read More 

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