Dec 04, 2013

WIT Students Attend Massachusetts Women's Conference

Professor Cindy P. Stevens Attends Massachusetts Women’s Conference in Boston, MA December 2013 along with 10 Management and Facility Management Students.

WIT Students Attend MA Conference for Women

"This conference was a very empowering experience for my students and myself. Over 10,000 women gathered to attend keynote speakers, professional and person workshops, and career planning sessions. As a group we learned many things, laughed, and even cried a few times. This event is a must attend every year!"  --Cindy P. Stevens, Ph.d.

"After attending the Mass Women's Conference I have learned so many new things about life. With so many great inspirational keynote speakers I couldn't help to think what I could be doing to live my own life to the fullest and become the best person I can be. I really took so much out of that day that I will carry with me forever and would be honored to return again!" --Heather Spielvogel 

"After attending the conference I wished that all women college students could experience something like this. We get caught up in going to just classes and forget the reason were even there. The women who spoke and the women I got to meet sparked my ambition again to become a successful businesswoman. I thought it was a great experience and it opened my eyes to what I could accomplish." --Victoria Armishaw

"Attending the Massachusetts Women’s Conference was one of the most empowering, intellectually stimulating experiences to date. Not only was I surrounded by 10,000 unique, powerful, influential and successful women from all walks of life, but their words made me eager and sparked an energy inside me to use my education and interests to join them in doing great, meaningful things. The workshops provided advice and real-life overcoming in the areas of professional advancement, career choice, change and the forever journey to finding one self and “dream-job.” I left that evening inspired and intellectually exhausted, what I had encountered throughout the day now guiding me in a different direction, ready to do great things. Thank you for making this experience possible; it was truly a valued one." --Anzia Mendez-Neff

"Personally, I found the MA Conference for Women to be both educational and inspiring.  First, Susan Cain, the TED speaker and “Quiet” author offered great advice about introverts.  Considering I am more introverted, I found this talk to be extremely informative and thought provoking.  In addition, the seminar session entitled “How to Use Body Language to Influence Human Behavior and Enhance Your Presence,” offered a detailed look at the power of both verbal and nonverbal communication, and ways in which to decipher one’s hidden feelings.  Since this topic has always fascinated me, and I just finished a course that covered this very subject, I was happy to reinforce the information learned and gain additional knowledge of the subject.  And finally, Blake Mycoskie’s speech about his humanitarian efforts was enlightening, as was his humble commentary on his introduction to the shoe market.  Overall, the mere exposure to all the high-level professional women was wonderful.  There were many valuable features of this conference, and I am so thankful that I was able to go and enjoy all it had to offer." --Farren Williamson

"Attending the Massachusetts Conference for Women was a valuable experience that has influenced a new outlook toward the way I perform within the business world and also in my personal life. After listening to speaker, Tory Johnson, I've developed a strong motivation to act in my best self-interest while strengthening relationships with those around me. I am thankful for the experience and have left with a great wealth of knowledge and skills, which I can apply to my future work." --Dana Spielvogel 

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