Why Major in Facility Planning & Management at Wentworth?

  1.  The co-op experience.  Even though the Facility Management profession has existed for many years, over the past couple of decades the scope, level of responsibility and recognition have grown exponentially.  The FM graduates of the near future, with at least two co-op semester experiences, will find a workplace that is not only eager to hire but actively recruit our graduates.
  2.  As technology becomes more essential and commonplace in our daily lives the FM industry will need tech savvy individuals who can not only learn the growing technology requirements quickly but know how to incorporate them into the changing workplace.
  3.  As the current demographic of Facility Managers ‘ages out’ of the workforce the need for talented, academically trained individuals continues to expand.  The employment future for FM’s is robust and continues to grow.
  4.  For those individuals that are comfortable with a high level of responsibility and an ability to multi task the Facility Management industry provides numerous challenging, interactive positions in virtually every industry.
  5.  The Facility Planning and Management program at Wentworth Institute of Technology is mentored and supported by the Boston Chapter of  IFMA (International Facility Management Association, 2nd largest chapter in the world with more than 800 members).  The active and supportive role the IFMA members provide results in many great learning and job opportunities for our students. 

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