Engineering Program (BSEN)

Mission of the Program

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSEN) degree program is an innovative curriculum that provides students the flexibility to integrate an engineering course of study with electives of their choice to broaden their education for their professional and personal goals. Students in the program will customize their education, both their specialized area of engineering study and their personal directed studies, with a full-time faculty mentor. This program allows students to tailor an engineering curriculum with elective courses to expand their education beyond a single area of study. Students may plan to Study Abroad for one semester, ideally during the Junior year.

The BSEN curriculum includes

  1. a set of core engineering courses.
  2. a set of mathematics and science courses that support the engineering discipline.
  3. a set of general education courses that provide the foundation to understand the role and responsibility of an engineer in society and in a global environment.
  4. a set of elective courses that provide a pathway for a student’s future goals, and
  5. a set of interdisciplinary design courses that allow students to collaborate with one another on a variety of projects.

Course Information and Objectives

Academic Catalog

Objectives and Outcomes

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