Outcome k

 (k)  Ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.










Lacks the basic knowledge to use the techniques and consistently needs extensive help to complete an assignment.

Picks a technique that gets the job done. Has some success with previous assignments but occasionally needs help or reminders.

Completes assignments with little or no help. Knows more than one technique to solve/complete an assignment.

Knows different techniques and solves the problems using the most efficient technique. Often provides assistance to fellow students.


Has no useful skills to address a problem or assignment correctly that could lead to a successful solution.

Is unsure about the correctness of the solution to a problem or assignment. Has a narrow view of the solution possibilities.

Applies skills in a consistent manner needed for the solution of a problem or assignment.

Has a complete set of skills that go beyond what was taught in the classroom by exploring adaptions that allow solutions to problems or assignments in a novel and satisfactory manner.

Modern Engineering


Cannot seem to apply the modern engineering tools. Applies dated techniques and skills to problems. Has no idea what a design process is for a modern tool.

Has limited ability to use appropriate modern engineering tools for the solution of the problems. Is uncomfortable with the modern tools and struggles to complete assignments

Has satisfactorily applied modern engineering tools and simulations.

Is familiar with the design process used by the modern tool.

Has a complete understanding and organized manner of using modern engineering tools and simulations to solve problems. Makes the difficult look easy. Advises other students.

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