Outcome b

 (b)  Ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.





Shows awareness of design process Does not mention design at all Minimal mention of design Mentions design appropriately Shows that design is fundamental

Knows how to conduct an experiment

Does not mention conduct of experiment Minimal mention of conduct of experiment Conducts experiment appropriately Experiment is conducted elegantly

Knows how to analyze data

Does not analyze data at all Analyzes data, but with poor notation, or unrigorously Analyzes data rigorously Analyzes data elegantly

Knows how to  interpret data

Does not interpret data at all Interprets data, but with poor or confusing notation Interprets data correctly Interprets data elegantly

Formal Presentation

Presentation is disorganized or chaotic Presentation is on paper only Presentation is clear and logical Presentation is clear and logical, polished artistically in electronic form

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