Outcome f

The ability to identify, analyze and solve technical problems.



















Recognize Pertinent Problem Issues

Cannot comprehend  the pertinent issues associated with the solution to the problem at hand

Understands only elementary issues associate with the problem solution

Able to understand the actual problem at hand

Recognizes all of the issues associated with the actual problem at hand in a broader sense

Understands Alternative Solutions

Focuses on only one possible solution with a limited knowledge of other possibilities

Displays a knowledge of an alternate solution but still has a narrow view of the solution possibilities

Exhibits a somewhat broader prospective of problem solutions but cannot decide which would be most beneficial

Understands many problem solution alternatives and comprehends which would be the best to use

Creativity in problem Solutions

Chooses a solution that is somewhat inefficient and long, displaying an immature but correct problem solution

Picks a solution method that gets the job done but could be a little more creative in its technique

Understands possible alternative solutions but still lacks the creativity necessary to provide an elegant solution

Solves the problem at hand using elegant and creative ideas and methodology

Utilize Current Solution Tools:

Mathematical Methods

Simulation methods

Cannot seem to utilize the engineering tools provided him/her such as appropriate laws and theorems in addition to computer simulation techniques

Has limited ability to use appropriate equations and simulations in the solution to the problem at hand

Can display a knowledge of the mathematical equations necessary and the simulations necessary to solve problems but is disorganized in their use

Has a complete understanding and organized manner of using both the technical equations/laws/and simulations to solve the problems at hand

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