Network Access Control

Frequently Asked Questions

Between the Spring and Summer semesters, Technology Services made changes to both the LeopardGuest, our wireless network for guests and visitors, and LeopardSecure, our wireless network for students, staff, and faculty.

This change improved Institute's network security by enabling Technology Services to better track the computers and mobile devices that connect to the network. Thi initial phase only affects those that connect to the LeopardGuest network by adding a registration page for guests to the Wentworth campus who would like to join the wireless network.

Who Does This Impact?

Anyone that uses LeopardGuest (i.e. visiting faculty, parents, friends of Wentworth, vendors, event attendees, etc).

Does This Impact Me?

All faculty, staff, and students should be using LeopardSecure wireless, so it should not DIRECTLY affect you. However, if you have a device that is unable to connect to LeopardSecure, contact the Help Desk for assistance.

What Was The Change?

Guest users (those without a Wentworth network account) will need to provide a valid email address and cell phone number through a web form. The system will send log-in credentials via text message to the mobile phone that will last for 24-hours. By requiring valid identification, we reduce the risk of someone misusing the network and we would be able to easily identify them if they did.

The second part of this change will involve the LeopardSecure network, although the change should not have a noticeable impact as nothing on the user side of the network is changing. What this part of the change impacts is the systems used to keep track of what devices are connected to the network. The intent is to improve our ability to proactively address, and the time it takes to react to security incidents.

Why Did We Do This Change?

To ensure that only valid users can access LeopardGuest. Previously, LeopardGuest was available anyone, which made it possible for someone to use our wireless network for unauthorized purposes.

Why Is LeopardSecure Better?

LeopardSecure is for those with a Wentworth network account and ensures that all network traffic cannot be captured or read by anyone—it’s encrypted so your data and login information are secure. 

When Did The Change Take Place?

The change went live on Monday, April 28th.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a user does not have a cell phone to receive a text message?

You can visit the Technology Services Help Desk for assistance with registering their device.

What if I’m a guest on campus for an extended period of time, will I need to register each device to use the guest network?

Yes, you will need to register every 24 hours to reinstate your device for another 24 hour period. For individuals working on campus for extended periods, more than 3 days, we suggest you ask your administrative or academic department contact about obtaining a temporary user account. Please note, the guest network will only allow you to surf the web. No other Institute services (such as printing, accessing network drives, installing applications, etc) or non-web services (such as email access through Outlook, Apple Mail, ThunderBird or other mail clients you do not access through a web browser) will be functional on LeopardGuest. We disable these services as the traffic on this network is not encrypted, thus to better protect the privacy of your data.

What happens if I enter the wrong cell carrier when registering my device?

If you select the wrong or incorrect cell phone carrier (service provider), you will not receive a text message with your code.

What if I don’t have cell service?

If you are in a location that has poor reception, we ask that you try to locate an area that will grant you enough signal strength to receive a SMS (text message). Make sure to bring your device with you, for security purposes. Once you enter the code and activate the device, you will no longer need cellphone reception until your 24-hour period expires.

What if I am attending a conference at Wentworth?

Technology Services will provide your Wentworth administrative or academic department contact with a conference code for individuals attending a conference on the Wentworth campus. The code will be active for the time the conference is taking place and no additional registration will be required. The code and instructions will be supplied by your Wentworth contact.

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