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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

This year marks the 11th anniversary of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). NCSAM is observed throughout the month of October to increase the awareness of cyber security threats and techniques to safeguard against them. As a NCSAM Champion, Wentworth has some things planned for increasing cyber security awareness. Read more on our blog.

Fall Projects - 2014

The Information Security Office (ISO) will be working with others within Technology Services and across Wentworth to continue our efforts to improve the information security posture. Find out what we have planned. Read more on our blog.

Summer Projects - 2014

Along with the rest of Technology Services, the Information Security Office (ISO) has been busy working on projects to improve the overall information security posture at Wentworth. As we start the new academic year, we want to share some of what we have been working on. Read more on our blog.

Cool Security Find of the Summer

Over the last few months, a frequently referenced site caught the attention of many security professionals as it provides an interesting visualization of the cyber attacks that traverse the globe every second of every day. Read more on our blog.

New Phishing Statistics

New studies have found that 1/3 of all phishing attempts last year went after bank accounts or other financial information directly.  Read more on our blog.

The Evolution of Anti-Virus Software

Learn how breach detection systems are the future of current anti-virus protection.  Read more on our blog.

Summer Security Tips

Keep these tips in mind this summer to protect yourself and your information.  Read more on our blog.

Facebook's Dino Security Steps

Find out what changes Facebook have made to protect user privacy.  Read more on our blog.

The Heartbleed Bug

Get more information on the recently discovered Heartbleed bug and what you need to do.  Read more on our blog.

Wireless Network Security Improvements

Learn about changes to the wireless networks that will help secure the campus.  Read more on our blog.

Tax Season Scams

Protect yourself and your tax return from phishing.  Read more on our blog.

Phishing in Focus

Take a closer look at how phishing scams are becoming smarter.  Read more on our blog.

Data Privacy Month Wrap-up

Miss anything during Data Privacy Month? Catch up with our blog.

Staying Safe on Social Networks

Did you know that up to 11% of Facebook accounts are fake? Read more on our blog.

Protect Yourself Against Phishing

Prevent your data from getting stolen by learning more about phishing.  Read more at our blog.

Dangers of Using Public Wi-Fi

Stay safe while you're browsing on the go.  Read more on our blog.

Understanding the Importance of Identity Theft

Keeping your data secure and private can save you money and hassle. Read more on our blog.

January 28th is Data Privacy Day!

Today is dedicated to a topic that has been on the news and a lot of our minds for the past year, data privacy. Read more on our blog.

Phishing Used to Compromise Accounts

Recently, researchers at Trustwave found a botnet controller that contained roughly 2 million credentials (passwords). Read more on our blog.

A Computer Security Tips for Preventing Malware Infections

A few tips to prevent malware infections from compromised websites or that are intended to exploit browser plug-ins. Read more on our blog.

Password Best Practices

Learn about how to create strong passwords and how to manage them. Read more on our blog.

Data Privacy and Security for Institutional Data

Some tips for practicing good data stewardship of institutional data. Read more on our blog.

Social Networking Security Tips

Social networking sites have changed the way we communicate and keep track of one-another. Read this blog for security tips for social networking sites. Read more on our blog.

Anatomy of a Spear Phishing Email

This post covers a real spear phishing attack against WIT members. Read more on our blog.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and WIT is getting involved. Read more on our blog.

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