Project Requests

The Project Request Form is used to initiate the planning process for technology related projects at WIT. The objective of this process is to formalize the steps by which new project requests are initiated.


Project request forms are required for DTS involvement in efforts that encompass operational or process improvements, new initiatives, applications or services.


A project request may be submitted by any member of the WIT community and should provide enough information to establish a good understanding of what the project is and why it needs to be done. A preliminary cost estimate should include estimates for direct expenses such as any new hardware and/or software and other expenses such as software licenses that may be needed for this project


Once a Project Request Form has been received, the requestor will be notified by email and the form will begin to move through the Project Request cycle.


All project requests will be forwarded to the DTS Project Manager who will contact the originator to discuss the request and to obtain any additional information needed to determine the full scope of the project and subsequent approval level requirements. The originator will be notified of the status of the request by the DTS Project Manager after the request has moved through the appropriate review and approval cycles.

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