Current Project Portfolio

Student Retention and Faculty Advising System

Executive Sponsor: Mark Staples; VP/CIO
Project Manager: Suzanna Trabucco
Target Start Date: March 2014
Target End Date: Phase 1 - Fall 2014


The Student Retention/Faculty‑Advising is being launched as one of the ways to help the faculty‑advising and Student Services efforts through the use of technology (Retain and AgileGrad)—reducing manual processes and providing an intuitive system to gain access to important information. With that in mind, the project is designed to do the following:

  • Provide a consistent and easy to use platform that would ensure wide‑spread adoption and drive policy and procedures.
  • Provide a technology solution that would automate many of the manual processes and reporting.
  • Develop intuitive processes and work‑flows to ensure that data are correct in all systems. Systems must be integrated appropriately so that there is only authoritative source/system of record for said data that feeds the other systems.
  • Develop accurate reporting that shows the disposition of students by program, demographic, etc. to inform faculty‑advisors, academic administration, academic coordinators, and Student Services on the types of services and support students’ needs that would lead to achieving superior academic results/success.
  • Provide proactive automation to assist faculty‑advisors and Student Services with timely information about students‑at‑risk allowing faculty‑advisors, academic coordinators, and Student Services to focus on the students, not the data.


Phase 1 (March, 2014 thru July, 2014)

  • 1st year undergraduate students
  • CPCE Online enrolled for Fall 2014

Phase 2 (beginning Fall 2014)

  • Remaining undergraduate students
  • CPCE roll-out for 2015
  • More granular and sophisticated alert automating for the advisors
  • More reporting for at‑risk students.
  • Enhanced communications and requested surveys to students and staff as determined by the retention plan.
  • Enhanced communications for Freshman Orientation.

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