DTS Media Services Staff

Management Team

Justin Benson, $title.value
Justin Benson
Manager of User Services
Helpdesk - User Services
Manager of User Services
Media Services
Justin Benson is an alumnus of Wentworth and has worked full time in DTS since February 2009 in various positions. Prior to that, he worked as a student in DTS starting in May 2006. He's responsible for the operations of the Help Desk, Media Services and classroom technology, campus printing and plotting, student print center, and faculty and staff technology center.
Beatty 320D
Phone: 4429

Information Technology Staff

Tristan Cary, Manager of User Services
Tristan Cary
Media and Technical Support Specialist
Media Services
Technical Specialist
Helpdesk - User Services
Tristan joined Wentworth in October 2011. Prior to that, he worked as a Business Development Specialist at Boston Interactive. He's responsible for overseeing our student development program, classroom technology, event support and coordination, audio/video production, and Help Desk support.
Beatty 320
Phone: 4761
Johanna Pierson, Technical Specialist
Johanna Pierson
Media Services Technician
Media Services
Johanna joined Wentworth in March 2013. Prior to that she worked as a Audiovisual Technician Student Manager at the University of Southern Maine Portland Campus. She's responsible for classroom technology support and training, event support, and audio/video production.
Beatty 320
Phone: 4527

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