DTS Media Services Staff

Management Team

Tristan Cary, $title.value
Tristan Cary
Manager of User Services
Media Services
Manager of User Services
Helpdesk - User Services
Tristan joined Wentworth in October 2011. Prior to that, he worked as a Business Development Specialist at Boston Interactive. He's responsible for overseeing the Help Desk, Media Services, student development program, classroom technology, event support and coordination, and audio/video production.
Beatty 320
Phone: 4761

Information Technology Staff

Josh Larson, Manager of User Services
Josh Larson
Media and Technical Support Specialist
Media Services
Beatty 320
Phone: 4500
Johanna Pierson, Media and Technical Support Specialist
Johanna Pierson
Media Services Technician
Media Services
Johanna joined Wentworth in March 2013. Prior to that she worked as a Audiovisual Technician Student Manager at the University of Southern Maine Portland Campus. She's responsible for classroom technology support and training, event support, and audio/video production.
Beatty 320
Phone: 4527

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