Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software

Updated July 16, 2014.
Please check back for the latest software list, subject to updates.

Wentworth has Laptop Distribution days according to student status. Incoming freshman, transfer, and international students, have their laptops distributed on Thursday, September 4, 2014, in the Tansey Gym at a time selected by the New Student Orientation team (scheduled to begin at 1:00PM and go to 5:30PM; students must be in NSO groups, have their Wentworth i.d. card, be free of all financial holds, and cannot come to the gym on their own. At that time, you will be asked to sign a User Agreement). Juniors, 5th year BELM and graduate students pick up their laptops the following Monday, September 8, 2014, scheduled to begin at 1:00PM and go to 5:30PM. Please note that Monday, September 8, 2014, is a day-of-week change from prior years (usually held on a Tuesday). Readmitted students come to the DTS Help Desk located in Beatty Hall room 320 at a time to be determined (you will be notified via email of the time). All students should check back for updates about laptop distribution. Users should expect that all software received from the Help Desk is adequately licensed by Wentworth. They should expect to receive a base software image on their computers that has been approved by applicable department heads or is accessible through the on-line software distribution system.

After September 11, 2014, you will need to call the Technology Services Help Desk, room 320 Beatty Hall, at 617-989-4500 to make an appointment to pick up your laptop. If you do not contact the Help Desk and arrange to pick up your new laptop by the close of business on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, a hold will be placed on your account to prevent you from registering for classes or viewing grades online in the future. You will then need a form from the Student Service Center releasing the hold to present to the Help Desk in order to turn in your old laptop and pick up your new laptop.

Users should expect technical installation of software only, and limited functional assistance with all Wentworth approved software applications. All academic software application use support is to be provided within each respective academic department. DTS will provide users limited support on a "best effort" basis. Limited support consists of installing the software, and troubleshooting to attempt to resolve system and configuration problems as time and resources allow. Application specific questions cannot be supported under this category. Users will need to develop expertise in the applications specific to their discipline and needs. Users requesting installation of software for any college owned computers must provide software documentation and license agreements before DTS will install the software.

DTS personnel cannot make available, support, or distribute software that is not properly licensed by Wentworth, is considered for personal use, and is not on the list of Department Head approved software for respective departmental use.

Please Note: Wentworth owned software may not be installed on users home or personal computers as Wentworth's license agreements explicitly forbid such usage. Copies of software for home or personal use may be purchased through our agreement with Kivuto (formerly E-Academy).
Because Wentworth will be providing you with a specific machine, you will be certain to have equipment capable of running the special software used throughout your curriculum. In the event that something on your laptop breaks, Wentworth will be able to provide a loaner laptop while the one assigned to you is repaired by the Help Desk. With a standard model and uniformly configured laptop, you will have the same equipment as your fellow students and faculty. This will allow you to easily work together in studios, classrooms, the library, the cafeteria or wherever (and whenever) you want to collaborate with your peers. A specific laptop will also be easier to support, as we will all be working with a single equipment model and a single software image. All software upgrades will also be covered year after year.

What model of laptop will I receive and what software will be included?

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