Reporting SPAM and Phishing email

Important: Please note that we are no longer actively monitoring the email. Please see below for instructions on how to report spam email.

Instructions for Reporting on Outlook and Web

On Outlook on PCs, select the offending message and click the Junk button to report the message in one action. Select Report as Junk, Report as Phishing, or Block Sender.


*If you are on a Windows machine using Outlook and do not see the dropdown above, please contact the Help Desk.

On Web, go to the Junk dropdown. You can either click Phishing or Junk:


If you click Phishing, the email will be forwarded to the appropriate security team. If you click Junk, you will receive the following popup:


While Technology Services has a Quarantine for all email marked as high profile SPAM already in place, it helps to forward copies of message(s) to Microsoft in order to help improve future email protection technologies.

Additional Filtering Options

Block or Allow
Receiving a lot of junk mail? On Web, go to Settings, and search Block or Allow. Select Block or Allow and choose who you wish to filter messages from. This will help to control unwanted and unsolicited messages by creating and managing email addresses and domains that you do and do not trust. To learn how to easily block a sender on Outlook, click here.

Safe Sender List
Another option that is a useful tool that allows you to control who you receive messages from is by using Safe Senders and Recipients. Safe Recipients are recipients who will never accidentally be sent to your Junk email folder. To learn how to manage Safe Senders and Recipients email settings on Office 365, click here.

You can also filter low priority email by using Clutter. When Clutter is turned on, as new email comes in, it takes messages more likely to be ignored to your Clutter folder (which can be turned off at any time). Click here to learn how to set up Clutter on your inbox.

Block Sender
To learn how to easily block an email sender on Outlook, click here.

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