Windows Wireless Connection

Connecting Your Windows Computer to Wireless

I'm using a Wentworth provided Lenovo Laptop

If you have a computer with the newest image running Windows 7, click on the wireless icon on your taskbar and select WIT-SECURE or LeopardSecure. The connection should be completed in a few seconds.

If you are using Access Connections on Windows 7 a new profile called "LeopardSecure" or “WIT-SECURE” may exist on your Lenovo laptops. You will automatically be connected to the LeopardSecure or WIT-SECURE network. If not simply add this profile to your computer and follow the prompts to save it for future use.

Not sure if you are already connected to WIT-SECURE or LeopardSecure?

Hover over the wireless icon in the bottom right of your screen. WIT-SECURE or LeopardSecure appears in the popup box if you are already connected. If WIT-GUEST or another network name appears, restart your laptop while connected to the wired network. If WIT-SECURE or LeopardSecure is still not displayed, please visit the DTS Help Desk for additional assistance.

Windows 7 Documentation WIT-SECURE

Using Windows 7 Wireless Manager

Windows 7 Wireless Manager documentation has been made available to assist in connecting to the WIT-SECURE network.

Using Windows XP Wireless Manager

Review the Windows XP Wireless Manager documentation and connect your PC to WIT-SECURE. This is a one-time setup process. You will NOT need to repeat this each time you connect to the wireless network

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