Wireless at Wentworth

About LeopardSecure Wireless

LeopardSecure is the preferred way to connect to the Wentworth network wirelessly. To connect, members of the campus community must first configure client software on laptops or other wireless devices.

Guest access is available without requiring a login using LeopardGuest. Note that this network has Internet access only and cannot access campus services such as printing. Learn more about LeopardGuest.

Why use LeopardSecure?

Secure, encrypted network access. Unlike LeopardGuest, all data passed between a device and a wireless access point is encrypted, making it harder for unauthorized access your information as it travels across the network.

Convenient login. After the initial set up is completed, you will be able to access the wireless network automatically. You will not have to log in multiple times.

Note: Connection speeds vary depending upon several factors, including location, type of wireless card and how many people are sharing an access point.

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