Setting up an Android Device with Wentworth Email

Wentworth does not officially support the Android devices as mobile email client.

NOTE: It is recommended to upgrade your Android OS to the latest version using these instructions.

HOW TO SETUP an Android device with Wentworth email:

  1. Open the application drawer and tap the settings application. 
  2. In the Accounts section tap "+ Add Account". 
  3. Tap on "Exchange". 
  4. Enter your full address (i.e. and password
  5. On the next screen, for Domain\Username will be "\"
  6. Password will stay the same
  7. The server address is
  8. Make sure "use secure connection(SSL)" and "Accept All SSL Certificates"(if an option) is checked
  9. Tap "next"

10. Configure your email checking frequency. Recommendations are the default settings. 
11. Give your account a name ("Wentworth" is suggested)

12. Tap "Done".

13. Your email may take a minute to populate in your Email application but it will show up once the account is configured.

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