The Spot

Welcome to The SPOT, Wentworth’s upgraded digital communication platform. We’ve been hard at work setting up and testing a variety of new technologies to help you better collaborate with your students, coworkers, and external constituents. Collectively we’re calling this system The SPOT, which is made up of a several components which work together.

In the coming months, we plan to deploy these tools in several phases:

  1. Exchange 2010 Email Upgrade – Larger mailboxes (4x current size!)
  2. Instant Messaging & Screen Sharing – Communicate quickly with coworkers, share your screen when you need help
  3. Phone & Voicemail Upgrade – Replacement devices for your existing desk phone

The first phase began the Wednesday, November 9th 2011, when we will move staff mailboxes to the new system. Faculty mailboxes will be upgraded the following week.

Once the migration is underway, the time it takes to complete depends on the amount of messages in your mailbox. Help us stay on track by taking a moment now to delete any unneeded messages and empty your deleted items folder.

We’re excited to bring these new tools to you and appreciate your feedback throughout the process. Additional information will be provided on any actions required.

Click here for the support web site.

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