Setting up an Android Device with Wentworth Email

Wentworth does not officially support personal Android devices as a mobile email client. You may request a Institute Smartphone by filling the appropriate from from the purchasing website.

After configuring your device you will be required to set a password as per the Wentworth Information Security Plan (WISP). 

NOTE: It is recommended to upgrade your Android OS to the latest version before using these instructions. Also, different carriers and phone vendors will have a slightly different interface.

How to setup an Android device with Wentworth email:

To setup your e-mail on your phone select Exchange as the provider and enter in the information requested. The process should automatically find the correct server information.

If this does not work follow the directions below.
  1. Open the application drawer and tap the Email application.
  2. Enter your email address and password then tap "Next".
  3. Tap on "Exchange".
  4. Enter your information
    1. Domain\Username: "WIT\" + your email address without "". (ie "WIT\smithj)
    2. Password: your password
    3. Server: ""
  5. Configure your email checking frequency. Recommendations are shown in screenshot.
  6. Give your account a name ("WIT" is recommended) and your name.
  7. Tap "Done".

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