Printing and Plotting

Wentworth Printing

Wentworth printers are named according to the building and room number they are located in, followed by the make and model of the specific printers. In certain cases where several identical printers are in one room, they are designated with an additional letter at the end of the name. You must use a wired connection or the eduroam wireless network to print. Printing from LeopardGuest is not supported. 

For specific instructions on how to add printers please see the section of this guide that matches your computer type. Be sure to have the correct printer selected before printing. 

Connecting to Campus Printers

Adding a printer on a Mac

Adding a printer on a PC

Color Printing

Color tabloid-capable printers are available in the Flanagan Campus Center, behind the Info Hub.

Black and White Plotting

High-speed, black and white plotters are available in the Flanagan Campus Center, behind the Info Hub.

Print Quota

On campus printing services are managed by a print quota system.

  • After the add/drop period at the start of each semester, every student will be given a semester quota to be used for printing.
  • The amount of the semester quota is determined by the program in which the student is enrolled and is based on the unique curricular demands of that program.
  • As students use printing services, their quota will be depleted according to the printing rate sheet below.
  • Students need to install the software widget "PaperCut" via the software distribution page on LConnect to print successfully.
  • If a student exhausts their quota before the end of the semester, they can refill their quota from their Fenway Cash account.
  • At the end of the semester any unused portion of the print quota automatically rolls over into the next semester.
  • Students can view their print quota, recent print jobs, and refill their quota all online using the Wentworth Print Accounting Webster at Students can also download a Widget onto their computer that displays their current quota from the Software Distribution Server through LConnect.

For additional information please click here.

NOTE: Please do not leave a lab computer or your laptop computer logged in when you step away from it. Not only is it a general security risk, but it allows anyone who walks up to that computer to print using your print quota.

think before you print 

B. L. Makepeace - Color Plotter services

An agreement has been negotiated with B. L. Makepeace to provide for students color plotting needs. The pricing will be at a significant discount over the the 'walk-in' rate. Your work can be sent to B. L. Makepeace electronically at any time using their Electronic Work Order ("EWO") system. Your 'printed' work will be delivered back to Wentworth.

In order to use this service, B. L. Makepeace requires that you set up a pre-paid account with them. This is simple to do; 'how to' instructions will be provided. Go to the Makepeace web portal for specific information regarding this process.

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