Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

F11 Hide all windows
Command + Shift + 3 Takes a snapshot of the screen and saves it to a PNG file on the desktop
Command + Shift Captures part of the screen
Application Shortcuts
Command + Q Quit Application
Command + C Copy selected items to Clipboard
Command + X Cut selected items to Clipboard
Command + V Paste selected items from Clipboard
Command + Z Undo the last editing Apple
Command + W Close the active window
Command + N New document
Command + period Stops a process (if your browser "hangs")
Command + Option + Escape Force quit an applicationn
Finder Shortcuts
Click Highlight an icon
Command + Click Highlight more than one icon
Command + A Select All
Command + Down Opens the selected icon.
Command + M Minimize window
Command + N New finder window
Command + W Close the current finder window
Command + Space Bar Opens the Spotlight search window

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