Mac - Snow Leopard Interface

Dock Appearance

The dock houses shortcuts or aliases to different applications for quick access and the trash.

Dock Appearance

The white dot below the applications indicates that this application is currently open.
You can drag and drop files over these icons to open them in one particular program or to drag them into the trash.

Change Location of Dock

It is possible to change the location of the dock, e.g. from the bottom to the right or left side of the screen and to turn on magnification.

Dock Location

  • Click on the Apple.
  • Select Dock.
  • Choose the option you want.

Add Applications to the Dock

To add applications to the dock:

  • Click on Macintosh_HD or Finder icon.  

  • Window opens. 

  • Select Applications.

  • Drag and drop the application you want to the dock.

Add Files and Folders to the Dock

Add Files and Folders to Dock

Drag and drop the file or folder you want to the dock.

Note: The line separates the applications from documents and folders.
Moving the line also can scale the dock.


Spotlight is a customizable search feature.
To launch Spotlight, press the Command key and the spacebar at the time, or


Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right hand corner of your screen.


Type in a filename or a keyword associated with a file.

The "Lights"


The red light closes the window.
The yellow light collapses the window and moves it to the dock.
The green light optimizes the window sizes.


There are different view options available.
We recommend using the column view, which allows you to view the file hierarchy of your hard drive.

Customizing the Toolbar of the File Management Window

Customizing Toolbar

  • Hold the Ctrl key.

  • Click on the gray area.

  • Select Customize Toolbar.

Customizing Toolbar

  • Selection window opens and allows you to drag and drop any item to the toolbar.

Creating Folders

Create and Mark Files
  • On the Toolbar, Click File.

  • Choose New Folder.

Create and Mark Files

If you have opened the Hard Drive Window:

  • Select Action Button.

  • Choose New Folder.

Marking Files and Folders

marking a file
  • Select the file or folder and press Command and "I",

    • or
  • Hold the Ctrl key and click the file or folder.

  • Select a color.


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