Mac OS X Mavericks

Connecting to the Wireless Network

You will need to log in to Wentworth's wireless network before you can:

  • Print
  • Check your email
  • Get onto the Web, or
  • Access your network drives.

Make sure you are connected to eduroam if on wireless.

Personal Online Storage Space: P Drive vs OneDrive

Wentworth offers personal online storage space for all students, faculty, and staff. This storage space is great for backing up academic files. Historically, Wentworth has offered in-house storage space, called P drive or Personal drive. In Fall 2011, Wentworth partnered with Microsoft to offer OneDrives for all students. OneDrive is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection and you have 25GB+ of space. You can share files and photos with others and collaborate on documents. For more info on your Microsoft OneDrive, go to 

Accessing Your Personal Drive (P Drive) (For Faculty & Staff)

The P: Drive is your personal space. Only you are able to see documents placed on the P: drive. It is a good place to store and back up your files. As long as you are on campus and logged on to Active Directory, you will have access to the P Drive. You are NOT ALLOWED to store any illegal content including illegally obtained movies, music or images.


Make sure you are connected to eduroam wireless network. An ethernet (wired) connection works as well.

  • Click on the Airport (wireless) icon at the top right of the menu bar
  • Select eduroam


  • Make sure the Finder is the active application. "Finder" will read to the right of the Apple logo around the top left of the screen. Under the Go menu, click Connect to Server...


  • In the Server Address box type:
    smb:// (for staff and faculty) for Macs running Mac OS X Lion or anything earlier. For Mavericks: cifs://
  • Click the "+" button to add this address to your "Favorite Servers" list.
  • The click the connect button
  • Enter in your Network credentials. Your local Mac username may already fill the "Name" field. Replace it with your Network name.

Accessing Additional Network Drives

Similar to the P Drive there are two other network drives that students can access with their Macs while on campus. You access these drives the same as you would the P Drive.

  • Shared (S:) - The Shared drive (S: on a PC) is a network share that allows faculty/staff/students to share information with each other. For example, if you would like to share a document with another student, you can place a document into a folder on the Shared drive and anyone should be able to see it and collaborate with you. Please keep in mind that this drive is open to all faculty, staff and students so sensitive material should never be placed on the S: drive. Also, since this drive is open to everyone, the Shared drive should never be used to backup your documents.

    Note: There are two shared drives, one for students and another for faculty/staff. Faculty and Staff have access to both network shares and students just have access to theirs. 
    The shared drive for faculty and staff is smb://ntwit53/shared. If running Mavericks, the address is cifs://
    For students, the address is smb:// Again, if running Mavericks, the address is cifs://
  • Courses (T:) - The Courses drive (T: on a PC) is a drive that can function as temporary exchange drive for courses. Faculty can create a course folder, e.g. Arch400 in it. All students and faculty will have access to it and everybody will have the right to upload, download, create, delete and alter files and folders. This drive will be cleaned at the end of every semester.

    The address is cifs://

    To access these drives:
  1. In Finder, select Go in the Menu bar, and Connect to Server...
  2. Enter the desired address, which are listed above these steps.

Note: Students should backup their work as well on another drive. See

Connecting to is the central web server for faculty, staff, and students at Wentworth. Students can request to have myweb accounts, but we do not provision unless requested. If you need more space than provisioned you may request it. Your myweb will host personal or faculty web sites. Please visit the website to find out more about this service.

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