Safe Space

The WIT Safe Space program increases the visible presence of student, faculty, and staff allies to create an accepting and welcoming culture regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  This program will train allies on issues affecting the campus LGBT community while also reviewing resources available both on campus and in the Boston area. 

Safe Space 1 Training

Training will help students, faculty and staff answer questions like “How can I best support our LGBT students”, “What does LGBTQ even mean??”, “What do I do if someone tells me they are gay”. The training is an interactive hour-long presentation in which you will gain invaluable tools and resources for continuing to support our LGBT community at Wentworth. It is a great opportunity to expand your own knowledge and understanding about the LGBT community and the “coming out” process. Afterwards, you will be given an official Safe Space sticker to display within your own workspace, office, residence hall room, etc. to help others know you are an Ally on campus.

Safe Space 2 Training

For those who have participated in Safe Space 1, we are excited to announce Safe Space 2, which dives deeper into the issues facing the LGBT community with an emphasis on the trans* community. We will cover basic definitions (and why there is an “*” after the word trans*), common myths within the community, and practical ways in which we can better serve the trans* community at Wentworth. This is another step in the journey of being an ally and we hope that you will participate in upcoming trainings. 

Request a training

You can request Safe Space 1 or 2 any time by emailing

The following individuals have completed the Safe Space Training(s) and have committed themselves to serve as an ally to the LGBQT community.


Carlo Fierimonte Admissions
Rachel Freedline Admissions
Tina MacDonald Admissions
Julie Dutcher Annual Fund
Amanda Hattaway Applied Math
Don Filan Applied Math
Dwight Horan Applied Math
Emma Smith Zbarsky Applied Math
Gary Simundza Applied Math
Ophir Feldman Applied Math
Ann Pitt Architecture
Carrie Yates Architecture
Garrick Goldenberg Architecture
Ingrid Strong Architecture
Jennifer Lee Michaelizyn Architecture
Manuel Delgado Architecture
Marc J Neveu Architecture
Mark Klopfer Architecture
Mark Pasnik Architecture
Priscilla Saul Architecture
Rob Trumbour Architecture
Robert Cowherd Architecture
Weldon Pries Architecture
Angel Ayres Athletics
Bobby Desilets Athletics
Daniel Russo Athletics
Danielle Ferrara Athletics
Erin Phillips Athletics
Evin Giglio Athletics
Katie Lane Athletics
Matthew Phippard Athletics
Steven Studley Athletics
Susan Walley Athletics
Vicki Cupper Business Services
Andrea Leong Career Services
Bridget Aureli Career Services
Marcia Sailor Career Services
Mary Federico Career Services
Peter Cochrane Career Services
Robin Slavin Career Services
Bridget McNamee* Center for Wellness and Disability Services
David Byers* Center for Wellness and Disability Services
Judy Moss Center for Wellness and Disability Services
Leah Berkenwald* Center for Wellness and Disability Services
Maura Mulligan* Center for Wellness and Disability Services
Sarah Lowell* Center for Wellness and Disability Services
Nadine Stecher College of Arts and Sciences
Vanessa St. Laurent College of Arts and Sciences
Christine Bettendorf College of Professional and Continuing Education
Mallory Pernaa* Commuter Student Programs
Joey Lawrance Computer Science and Networking; College of Engineering and Technology 
Karina Assiter Computer Science and Networking; College of Engineering and Technology 
Justin Benson Division of Technology Services
Michael Mattera Division of Technology Services
Christine Kane Electrical Engineering and Technology; College of Engineering and Technology 
Eric Crumrine Housing and Residential Life
Greg Mantolesky Housing and Residential Life
Jen Casavant Housing and Residential Life
Matt Heiser  Housing and Residential Life
Phil Bernard Housing and Residential Life
Rachel Toft Housing and Residential Life
Alan Whittemore Institutional Research
Ron Frattura Learning and Development
Kat Berry Library
Rhonda Postrel Library
Frank Caserta Mechanical Engineering and Technology; College of Engineering and Technology 
Robert Lind Mechanical Engineering and Technology; College of Engineering and Technology 
Emily Smedick New Student Programs
Heather Miller* New Student Programs
Carissa Durfee* Office of Campus Life
Jen Cheng* Office of Campus Life
Linda Bernazzani* Office of Campus Life
Joe O'Farrell Office of Campus Life (Men's Rugby)
Annamaria Wenner* Office of Student Affairs
Jesse Correia* Office of Student Affairs
Peter Fowler* Office of Student Affairs
Chris Haigh* Office of Student Affairs (Diversity Programs)
Chuck Hotchkiss Office of the Provost
Susan Paris* Office of the Provost
Russ Pinizzotto Office of the Provost
Lisa Sanford Public Safety
Greg Sirokman Sciences; College of Arts and Sciences 
James O'Brien Sciences; College of Arts and Sciences 
Silvia Lopez Student Financial Services
Micaela“Mikki" Vega Student Service Center
* denotes having also completed Safe Space 2


Major Grad Yr
Adrian Hall BSM 2016
Alain Therrien BELM 2014
Alex Young BEET 2016
Andre Medeiros BELM 2014
Andrew Estes BSA 2015
Anthony Matera BSCM 2015
Ashley Stowe BINT 2014
Benjamin Peterson BCET 2016
Beverly Farris BBME 2015
Brandon Conforti BSA 2015
Brian Ferullo BSA 2017
Christopher Kipp BSA 2014
Cory Graham BCOT 2016
Dan Bailey BBME 2017
Dante Christofori BSCE 2015
Dariel Nunez BEET 2016
Debroah Massaro BSA 2014
Decia Splaine BINT 2014
Devin Richard BELM 2014
Devin Woolhouse BSCN 2015
Devinn Doherty BSCM 2016
Dylan Melnik BSAM 2015
Erik Shaw BLEM 2016
Gabriel Lozano BMET 2014
Griffin Sacco BFPM 2017
James Drum BSCE 2017
Jenai Dalton BMET 2016
Jenny Tran BEET 2016
Jerry Chan BCOS 2016
Jimmy Yee BSAM 2016
Joseph Salecky BSME 2016
Josh Corson BSAM 2015
Joshua Cunningham BINT 2014
Julie Azzinaro BFPM 2015
Kellie Messer BSCE 2017
Kendra Kerr BSM 2014
Kevin Crowe BSME 2015
Kevin Huang BCOS 2016
Kristen Horan BCET 2014
Lewis Liu BSME 2016
Linda Chen BMET 2014
Marina MacDonald-Soccoio BBME 2017
Matthew Heise BSM 2017
Nathaniel St. Jean MARC 2014
Nick Ottomaniello BSCE 2016
Nick Torres MARC 2014
Nicole McColgan BBME 2016
Obadiah Rankin BSCM 2014
Pablo Rivera BSA 2015
Paul Cooke BSME 2017
Pheu Parisien BCMT 2014
Raul Centeno BCIS 2016
Ryan Andrews BELM 2014
Sam Kim BCOS 2016
Sam Mcmanus BSCM 2016
Sean MacNab BIND 2017
Shannon Cain BEET 2016
Shannon Ponce BINT 2015
Victoria Armishaw BSM 2015
William Yu BCOS 2016

For more information:

Student Experience Diversity Committee

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