Diversity Writing Award

The Student Experience Diversity Committee offers the Diversity Writing Award each spring. This recognition is awarded annually to the student who produces a distinguished paper that evidences the concerns of social justice, the imperatives of diversity, the impact of participatory action, the ethical consideration of the relationship of self to other, or otherwise generally demonstrates, celebrates, or explores a communitarian impulse or consideration.

2012 Diversity Writing Awards (click on the essay title to read the essay)

Recipient: Lucas Leborgne (BCOT), Pride and Prejudice: The Queer Version

Honorable Mention: Panharith Ean (BSA), Pol Pot: Fear of the Unknown and the Fulfillment of Lack

Eligible papers may originate from any genre or discipline as long as they express or evidence the above listed criteria. Papers will be reviewed by an awards committee and presented at the Annual Awards Program.

Papers should be submitted by March 1 to Dr. Mark John Isola, Assistant Professor of English, at isolam@wit.edu

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