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Professional Building Surveyors

The Professional Building Surveyors certificate at Wentworth is designed to prepare architects, virtual design construction staff, facilities managers and CAD technicians to become professional building surveyors.  With the majority of construction occurring within the built environment, the surveying and documenting of existing buildings has never been more important.  The courses are offered in sequence and are designed to introduce students to technologies, techniques and workflows to capture the built environment.

This program is conveniently formatted for adult learners, with fast-paced seven week courses that allow you to quickly gain career-enhancing skills.  A professional certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the required four courses (8.4 CEU’s).

Students who successfully compete this certificate are also eligible for eight (8) credit towards general electives in our bachelor’s degree programs.

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Admissions Requirements

Successful applicants for admission to the Professional Building Surveyors Certificate should

  • Be at least 22 years or age
  • And have a minimum of a completed Associate degree in a related field OR
  • Have a minimum of three years experience in construction management, virtual construction, or a related field.

Each Course

  • Length: 7 weeks
  • CEUs: 2.1 per/course

Certificate Requirements

  • Fundamentals of Building Information Modeling
  • Beyond the Basics of Building Information Modeling
  • Overview of Building Surveying Technology
  • Surveying Measurement and Modeling

Course Descriptions

TCAD0210 Fundamentals of Building Information Modeling: This course covers the basic principles of BIM through the use of Revit Architecture. Autodesk's BIM solution.  Students are introduced to the tools of Revit Architecture and parametric modeling.  Fundamental concepts to be presented include: user interface, parameters, families, massing, rendering, and printing.

TCAD0220 Beyond the Basics of Building Information Modeling: This intermediate course extends the content from the Fundamentals of BIM course, covering BIM in more detail through the use of Revit Architecture, Students take a deeper look at the tools of Revit Architecture and parametric modeling.  Concepts to presented include: user generated custom families, flexing parameters, rendering with custom materials, flexing parameters, rendering with custom  materials, work sharing, detailing, and documentation.  At the completed of the course students will have immediate practical application of Revit Architecture.

TPBS0210 Overview of Building Surveying Technology: This course introduces students to field solutions and techniques for capturing the built environment.  Both hardware (Laser Scanners, Hand Held Laser Range Finders) and software for capturing and modeling his data (Leica Cyclone, Scan to BIM, Edgewise, Revit, PKNail Pro) will be covered.  At the completion of the course students should understand the benefits of each, types of environment each technology is best suited and proper workflows for the deployment of each. Prerequisites: TCAD0210 Fundamentals Building Information Modeling and TCAD0220 Beyond the Basics of Building Information Modeling

TPBS0220 Surveying Measurement and Modeling: In this hands on course Students will get hands on training of all the technologies covered in the Overview of Building Surveying Technology.  Students will be required to capture the built environment utilizing each.  Working with professionals they will set up and integrate laser scans of buildings, and capture interior geometry utilizing both scans and real time modeling software like PKNail Pro. At the completion of this course students should have a firm grasp on how to deploy field technologies, capture dimensional data and mode existing building in BIM/Revit Format. Prerequisites: TCAD0210 Fundamentals Building Information Modeling and TCAD0220 Beyond the Basics of Building Information Modeling

Program Notes: Courses are awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs), not college credit. Courses are designed to be taken one at a time and in sequence. 

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