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"With the increasing sophistication of the current built environment, the Master of Science in Facility Management is becoming a pre-requisite for facility management leadership positions at many companies with sophisticated building systems and operations."

Steven Fugarazzo, Director, Facilities Engineering and Energy Conservation, Raytheon Company

Master of Science

Facility Management

The Master of Science in Facility Management (MSFM) program at Wentworth Institute of Technology is designed to educate students in foundational post-graduate management principles and enhanced facility management skills and knowledge. Students will learn the leadership and business skills necessary to respond to the demand to keep their facilities highly efficient and functional. Coursework will also integrate elements of several related disciplines, including: project management, finance, real estate, humans and their working environment, space planning, building operations and maintenance, and quality assessment.

Graduates of the MSFM program will be prepared for leadership roles in facility management and related industries. Research shows facility management professionals are in demand now more than ever, with 65-70% of facility managers expected to retire in the next 5 to 10 years. Furthermore, the International Facility Management Association reported in their 2011 survey that the mean salary for facility managers in the United States is approximately $100,000.

Four PM's

The MSFM program is designed for working professionals, as an on-campus format (as well as an online format) with convenient evening classes and a cohort format that allows students to complete the degree in less than two years while still being able to work full-time and fulfill their personal responsibilities.

A key feature of the program is the opportunity to build strong professional relationships. Our instructors are proven leaders in the field and many of them work full-time in facility management and closely related areas. Our students also work in facility management and related industries, which creates an ideal learning environment in which students learn from both their instructor and their peers. Many of the concepts learned in the classroom can be immediately applied on the job.

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Admissions Requirements

To be eligible for consideration for the Master of Science in Facility Management applicants must:

Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Possess an undergraduate degree in one of the following areas of study: facility management, architecture, engineering, construction management, business or interior design.

Be able to demonstrate one (1) year of verifiable full-time work experience in the facility management field or be able to exhibit competency in the following areas: accounting or finance, real estate, project management, operations, and general management.

Competencies can be demonstrated either through prior class work, testing, architectural/engineering/construction (AEC) employment, and/or documented work experience in the facilities management field. Qualifications and competencies are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Facility management competencies can also be acquired through our Facilities Management (TFMC) professional certificate.

Curriculum Requirements


Semester One

  • MGMT7400: Executive Leadership (3)
  • MGMT7100: Project Management Applications (3)

Semester Two

  • MGMT7050: Business Finance & Investments (3)
  • MGMT7450: Communication Strategies (3)

Semester Three

  • FMGT7100: Contemporary Issues Managing Technology (3)
  • MGMT7250: Strategic Financial Decision Making (3) 


Semester One

  • MGMT7500: Quantitative Methods in FM (3)
  • FMGT7300: Facility Operations (3)

Semester Two

  • FMGT7400: Energy/Sustainability (3)
  • FMGT8000: Facility Management Capstone (3)

Degree Total: 30 credits

Semester Three (Thesis Option Only)

  • FMGT8900: Facility Management Thesis (6)

Degree Total: 36 credits (Thesis Option)

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