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Fundamentals of Engineering Review

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The FE exam is typically the first step in the process leading to the P.E. license. It is designed for students who are close to finishing an undergraduate engineering degree. The FE is a computer-based exam that is administered year-round in testing windows at NCEES-approved Pearson VUE test centers.

The FE contains 110 multiple-choice questions. The exam appointment time is 6 hours long, which includes a nondisclosure agreement, tutorial (8 minutes), the exam (5 hours and 20 minutes), a scheduled break (25 minutes), and a brief survey. Wentworth only offers the three options listed below in the designated semester of the year (for other options, students may look into the NCEES Website

According to NCEES “In January 2014, the current specifications for the FE exam will change when the exam transitions from a pencil-and-paper administration to a computer-based one.” NCEES computer-based exams are administered exclusively at approved Pearson VUE test centers, or 888-866-8766.

 There are four testing windows per year in the following months:

  • January, February
  • April, May
  • July, August
  • October, November

(Exams are not administered during March, June, September, and December)

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Admissions Requirements

Course Details

  • Mechanical, TEIT0120- (Spring Semester ONLY)
  • Length: 13 weeks, one class meeting per week
  • CEUs: 3.25
  • Civil, TEIT0130- (Summer Semester ONLY)
  • Length: 12 weeks, one class meeting per week
  • CEUs: 3.0
  • Electrical, TEIT0140- (Fall Semester ONLY)
  • Length: 12 weeks, one class meeting per week
  • CEUs: 3.0

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