Deepa Venkatasubramanian

Deepa Venkatasubramanian

Program: Professional Certificate in Managing Construction Projects
Employer: Unispace
Job Title: Designer
Resides: Quincy, MA

How was Wentworth benefited you thus far?

I have an undergraduate degree in architecture and years of experience in the design industry. Taking professional courses through the managing construction projects certificate has helped me to build more confidence, better abilities to resolve problems and better leadership skills.

What about Wentworth’s certificate program did you find appealing?

Through my research I found that Wentworth’s certificate program is more focused on the management side of the construction industry in comparison to certificates at other local schools. This is where my main interest lies within the industry, so I found Wentworth to be a good choice. I had also heard positive things about the certificate through word of mouth.

Please describe your experience with Wentworth’s instructors.

I find that the instructors are very helpful and display an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry. The tactical vision they have of the industry has been beneficial to me.

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