Damien Trimmer

Damien Trimmer

Program: BS in Building Construction Management
Employer: Built, Inc.
Job Title: Superintendent
Resides: Providence, RI

Why did you choose Wentworth Institute of Technology to advance your education?

I returned to school because I want to make myself more marketable in the construction industry for advanced job positions. Wentworth has a very strong reputation in the field and the name is well-respected by employers.

Please describe the classroom experience at Wentworth.

There are a lot of different perspectives that I gain from class discussions and I like that we’re able to bounce ideas off each other, which helps us all on the job. The instructors also do a good job of teaching the curriculum based on their real-world experiences, which complements what we’re reading in the textbooks.

Would you recommend Wentworth to others?

Hands down, I would recommend Wentworth. I would advise those considering Wentworth to be prepared to put in a good effort. The school provides flexibility for working adults, but no grade is an easy grade at Wentworth.

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