Hands-On Labs

The laboratories in the Department of Construction Management offer students the opportunity to apply theory to a variety of practical problems through the use of state-of-the-art surveying equipment, testing and analytical equipment, instrumentation and construction materials.

In addition, laboratory facilities allow students to perform a variety of standard tests on soils, aggregates, and fresh and hardened concrete. Laboratory facilities also provide students with an opportunity to work in teams on projects and presentations for their senior capstone projects. 

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Job Site Lab

Students working with wood forms.A job site experience for Construction Management Students.  In our outdoor Job Site Laboratory, students work with and learn about construction materials. They perform hands-on exercises using masonry construction, wood framing, concrete forms and steel reinforcement.

Courses offered in this lab

CM Project Lab

Construction Management Project LabThe Project Lab provides students with place to apply the technical skills of a construction project from concept to completion. Some of the skills that are developed here resource management, time, cost and quality with an emphasis on team building. During a student’s collaboration here they will complete projects using such proficiencies as budget, scheduling, estimating, engineering fundamentals and analytical and communication skills.

Courses offered in this lab

Aggregate and Testing Lab

Students working on equipment in aggregate test lab.Before students can design concrete or mortar, they have to understand the materials with which they are working. In this laboratory, students will define the difference between coarse and fine aggregate, as well as the difference between fine aggregate and soil. Coarse and fine aggregate are needed for concrete and mortar design and types soils must be known. Students will do final compressive strength tests on their concrete to determine if it meets the specification for which they designed. In order to do this they test their concrete cylinders in one of the two concrete compression machines in this lab. The strength of the cylinder is then recorded in PSI and students will then organize and prepare all data for their final concrete reports.

Courses offered in this lab

BL Makepeace Survey Locker

Some equipment available in the BL Makepeace labThis room is an example of Wentworth’s partnering with the industry to give students an opportunity to work with the most current technology.  B.L. Makepeace, a local survey equipment supplier, along with their corporate partners, Topcon and Carlson Software, donated over $100,000 in survey equipment. The donation included new Total Stations, a complete Hiper-Lite GPS system, and complete field to finish Carlson data collection systems.  Some of the applications students will learn here are

Once students complete these labs, they download the data and make adjustments accordingly.

Courses offered in this lab

Concrete and Heavy Construction Lab

Concrete LabThe major pieces of equipment include the two concrete mixers, sample splitters, curing tank and drying ovens. Students learn the fundamentals of concrete mix design and testing in this lab. Tests are run on aggregates, as well as on the freshly-made and hardened concrete. Students can measure the effect that different aggregate gradations, varying amounts of water and cement have on their mix design. This lab is also used for masonry instruction and surveying. Heavy construction methods are simulated and equipment is demonstrated for the Heavy Construction course.  The Building Systems Display Unit which simulates a commercial building wall with mechanical systems exposed is also located in this lab.

Courses offered in this lab


Shawmut Conference Room

View of the Shawmut Conference roomShawmut completed a fit-out of an existing shell space including carpeting, millwork, and a complete multimedia package with the capacity for video conferencing, two large projectors and corresponding screens, and a 80'' hi-def screen with stereo sound. The conference room seats nearly two dozen people and includes an adjoining outside seating vestibule where an LED screen displays information about the Construction Management Department.

In order to help visually inspire current Wentworth students toward their potential as construction professionals, the walls of the room have been adorned with a rotating gallery of portraits of graduates-turned-Shawmut employees.